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Day Of The Dead Make Up

day of the dead make up

    dead make
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day of the dead make up - Knock 'Em

Knock 'Em Dead Red All-Inclusive Make-Up Kit

Knock 'Em Dead Red All-Inclusive Make-Up Kit

Manic Panic: Creture of the Night Collection The Total LOOK - "Knock'em Dead" Colors These all-inclusive kits ensure complete versatility and total confidence. Everything you need to create your total look is at your fingertips. Eyeshadow, creme liner, face powder, lipsticks, lashes and all the necessary tools ensure you will knock 'em dead. The Total Look: Knock 'em Dead kit includes: - spectral pressed powder - long & full eyelashes - white creme base & highlighter - black eyeshadow - jet black creme eyeliner - black lip lacquer - red lip lacquer - black lip liner - 1 dual-ended eyeliner applicator - 1 shadow applicator - 1 lip brush - 3 Step-by-step guilds w/exclusive Tips & Tricks from Tish and Snooky Tested on Celebrities - Not Animals!

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Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Went to the Day of the Dead procession in San Francisco's Mission District this evening wearing a $4 Thrift Town wedding dress dyed lavender.

Topped the evening off with Hubba Hubba Revue @ Uptown in Oakland.

What a grand evening it was!!

This photo is 100% by me btw

Laura's Day of the dead

Laura's Day of the dead

Painted the model with make up (adding some water, and more than an hour) to make this idea.

Two main lights, one cone snoot, and a beauty dish looking -30+- degrees down.

day of the dead make up

day of the dead make up

Day of the Dead (Divimax Special Edition)


Chapter three of George Romero's mighty zombie trilogy has big footsteps to follow. Night of the Living Dead was a classic that revitalized a certain corner of the cinema, and Dawn of the Dead was nothing short of epic. Day of the Dead, however, has always been regarded as a comedown compared to those twin peaks--and perhaps it is. But on its own terms, this is an awfully effective horror movie, made with Romero's customary social satire and cinematic vigor--when a "retrained" zombie responds to the "Ode to Joy," the film is in genuinely haunting territory. The story is set inside a sunken military complex, where Army and medical staff, supposedly working on a solution to the zombie problem, are going crazy (strongly foreshadowing the final act of 28 Days Later). Tom Savini's makeup effects could make even hardcore gore fans tear off their own heads in amazement. --Robert Horton

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